Past pastors of Jerusalem United Holy Church, along with our current Pastor


In 1925, four members of Galilee Holiness Church fasted and prayed. Led by the vision of Mother Annie Slade, they made the decision to branch out in the vineyard of God. They left the church and started a Bible study in a log house on Prince Street. The group of believers grew as others learned of the meetings and began to attend.

In 1928 an edifice was built. There were several additions and remodelings done as the congregation needed them. This church had been called Jerusalem Holy Temple, but was later changed to Jerusalem Holy Church.

Reverend Monroe Morton was the original pastor and remained for several years. He was a man busy for God and he left to establish other churches, among them was Morton's Temple Holy Church, formerly Gorrell Street Holy Church in Greensboro, North Carolina. During these years Mother Annie Slade had accepted the call to ministry and she continued to lead the church after Reverend Morton moved on and during each interval when they were waiting for a new pastor. Other ministers who served for short periods of time were Reverend William Gant of Danville, Virginia and Reverend of Lonnie Hubbard from the eastern part of North Carolina.

Sister Naomi Corbett, a new member who moved from Winston, North Carolina recommended that the church become a part of the United Holy Church body, as the church she attended before she moved from Winston. A District Elder of this body, Dr. E. B. Nichols came to the early church and the members accepted him as their pastor. Dr. Nichols was a missionary at heart. In 1936, he was called to his first love, the mission field. While in Africa, he was stricken with an illness that took his life.

It was at the District Convocation in 1938 that Reverend Andrew William Lawson was appointed the new pastor of Jerusalem. Reverend Annie Slade continued to serve as assistant pastor.

During the 1950's both Reverend Lawson and Reverend Slade were involved in separate automobile accidents. Both were told that they would never walk again. Reverend Bertha Cohen of Eden, North Carolina served as interim assistant pastor during these difficult times. It was through the prayers of the saints and the grace of God that both were able to heal, walk and resume their duties.

The Jerusalem family was saddened when in 1964, Reverend Annie Slade was called to be with the Lord. She had fought a good fight; she kept Jerusalem together during the early years as she also founded Mack's Chapel Holy Church in Altamahaw, North Carolina. Reverend Zannie Carter became the assistant pastor and continued to assist in leading Jerusalem to new heights in the community and in dedication to the service of God. She went to be with the Lord in 1984 and Reverend Flossie Jackson became the presider.

Reverend Lawson was later elevated to the office of Bishop of the United Holy Church of America. He had many dreams and visions for Jerusalem and the entire United Holy Church body. His dream for Jerusalem was a new edifice. He helped the church from the beginning to become better organized in the business realm. The members caught his vision. They began to budget their money so that one day a larger edifice could be built. This dream was realized in 1976 when Bishop Lawson and Deacon Willie Hamlet cut the ribbon and the members marched into their new $300.000.00 blessing from God.

Nineteen Hundred and Eighty One was the year that God took Bishop Lawson home. His death was a great shock to all. He had led Jerusalem gallantly and the membership had continued to increase throughout his years of service.

The church prayed for another leader. God sent the Reverend Elijah Williams. Reverend Williams had already been recommended for the highest office in the church, and in 1982 he was consecrated Bishop.

The new Jerusalem started out in a little log house and grew into the beautiful building we now enjoy. This building was purchased with a twenty-one year mortgage, however, with the help of God, the vision of Bishop Williams and the liberal giving of the people, the mortgage was burned in ten years. The church flourished and the membership continued to grow under the leadership of Bishop Williams. Many programs and services were added.

After serving as Pastor for 27 years, Bishop Williams retired as pastor to be better able to complete his tenure as leader of this great United Holy Church. This was bitter sweet for the members of Jerusalem who were proud of their pastor. In his honor, Prince Street was renamed Prince-Williams Street. This stands as a permanent acknowledgement of his impact in the city of Reidsville.

God knows what to do in all situations. When a new pastor was needed, He sent Elder Mary E. Jackson in 2008. Elder Jackson, a woman small in stature, is a giant in the work of the Lord. She is a fearless leader who is continuing to keep Jerusalem in the path God wants the church to follow. Her keen business acumen and her deep infusion of God's word and the Holy Spirit has caused an outpouring not only inside the walls of Jerusalem, but throughout the Reidsville community and vicinity.

Little did Reverend Annie Slade know that she was toiling the soil for the future. Bishop Lawson had no idea of what the seeds he planted would do. Bishop Williams just kept watering the soil and watching the growth. Now Elder Jackson is adding the fertilizer, and working to keep the weeds out so that God's program can flourish.